Washington Brant Foundation


Sponsors & Friends
The Washington Brant Foundation is supported by our Sponsors and Brant Boosters, whose contributions help us in protecting, preserving, researching and educating the
preservation of the brant and other marine species in the Pacific Flyway.

Major Sponsors
David Hagerbaumer (noted wildfowl artist who sketched our logo)
Pacific Coast Joint Venture (provided funding for this project)
Washington Waterfowl Association
Ducks Unlimited
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
C.C. Filson Outdoor Clothing
Duck Hunter.net – Washington Flyway Forum
Swinomish Gun Club
Pacific Ridge Homes

Washington Brant Foundation Directors
Maynard Axelson – Founder
Ben Welton – Senior Director
Chris Englehart – Director
Jason Otto – Director
John Otto – Director

Peninsula Sportsman Guide
and Outfitting Service
Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society
Lou Tisch —
Lock, Stock and Barrell, Inc.
Admiralty Audubon Society
Benson, Kurt
Black Berry Patch
Brown, Nancy
Bunn, Paul
Christanson, Pam
Coates, Jeff
Cowgill, Jim
Coyote Leather
Drewry, David
Englehart, Chris
Forgey, Brad
Grounds, Tim
Jones, Tim
Jorgensen, Jim
Kinney, Mike
L.T. Creations Web Design / Hosting
LeVan, Duke
Lisser, Gordon
Lubenesky, Rick
March, Gary
Matus, Tom
Newell, Tom
O’Hagan, Pat
Otto, Jason
Otto, John
Pinches, Bill
Rongers, Mark
Rutgers, Paul
Smith, Dave
Spidell, Don
Schwans Consumer Brands of N/A
Welton, Ben
Werdick, Grant
White, Paddy

Brant Boosters
Washington Brant Foundation would like to offer a heart felt thank you to the following for their contributions in 2003 and 2004. This generous support has enabled us to accomplish short term goals and begin our first enhancement project.

Athearn, Bert
Axelson, Kay
Barnes, Chris
Bodtke, Michele
Brager, Brian
Bunn, Paul
Choulochas, Carol
Christopherson, Roy
Crowder, Mike
Cummings, Kasey
Drewry, David
Englehart, Chris
Fisk, Dennis
Forgey, Brad
Gallen, Terry
Gibbs, Gary
Hansen, Janet
Hohenegger, Miles
Hollaway, James
Janke, Ben
Jensen, Eric
Kelly, Jim
Kenoit, Winston
Kinney, Mike
Larson, Don
Long, Pat
Manning, Chuck
March, Gary
McCain, Kevin
McCarthy, Lynn
McCarthy, Mike
McCormmick, Bruce
Millen, Jacqueline B.
Miller, Dan
O’Neill, Brad
Otto, Brad
Otto, Jason
Otto, John
Peavy, Greg
Randall, Carrie
Rode, Sally
Rutten, Lincoln
Schirato, Greg
Spidell, Don
Spivey, Jeff
Stahl, Jennifer
Stauffer, Kathy
Straiter, Chris
Sundal, Ray
Turner, Sue
Welton, Patsy
White, Paddy
Whitehead, Les
Wiebysch, Jack
Wolf, Bruce